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February 19, 2023

Good god, another week? Man, they really don’t stop. Well, until they do.

The Web and my little corners in it

The only thing I’ve done to my webpages is to add a little badge to my main website with the last song I listened to. It’s a bit pointless, but every time I see something like that on someone else’s website I find it to be quite fun and interesting, so why not have it, too?
I’m using last.fm and only show the badge when I listened to that song in the last hour.

At some point during this week Apple announced WebPush for Safari on iOS and even though it’s not uncontroversial that it only works for installed PWAs, I’m quite excited. It’s something to play with and maybe we get to see some nicer PWAs out there in the future.

Every time I start futzing around with this page here, I get annoyed by ✨ everything ✨ but mostly by WordPress. I started building a new theme that is more in tune with the other website and even with Timber it’s just all so tedious.
And that’s even before I can think about new features. Good god.