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February 26, 2023

Huh. Sunday. Who’d have thought that this comes along so fast again.

Not too sure what I can say about this week – everything seems weirdly transitional.
I tried to work on my mental health, which would probably go a lot better if the professionals would answer their emails, phones or maybe even call back after I leave them a voice message.
Oh well. One theory right now is that they’re all too busy with carnival – the schools here are closed this week so if they’re in a parenting age they might be of with their families somewhere. We’ll find out next week, I guess.

Last weekend I was pretty excited about WebPush and I added a small prototype implementation to one of my (way too) many little web things. It was pretty neat to see the notification pop up on my iPad with the beta profile.

In my ongoing quest to both read more and track my reading better I signed up for bookwyrm.social. It seems kinda nice but also pretty overwhelmed with the amount of people using it. I was tempted to just self-host it somewhere, but I’m rather staying away from Python for now.
I guess in the medium to long term I’ll have to get it over with and put some basic book tracking into my website. (And all this just because the numbnuts over at Goodreads deactivated their API.)


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