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March 5, 2023

This is the first one of these that I write with a bit of a buzz, so let’s see how well that works. Wine is nice though, isn’t it?

Anyway. Another week with a really messed up sleep schedule. Well, actually the sleep wasn’t the problem, I did sleep pretty well and regular during the times I was supposed to be sleeping. It was the times when I wasn’t sleeping that were weird – I was extremely tired during the day, on one day during lunch break I just plopped myself onto the couch and was gone immediately for almost an hour. And roughly around six or seven in the evening, I started to feel awake and alive.
Extremely inconvenient and I’m pretty annoyed by my diminished potential to do stuff during the day.

I learned about the Badging API this week and that was a little bit of fun.

Sons of the Forest has been on my radar this week. Teymur and me played it one evening on the easiest possible mode and it was quite a bit of fun. Hopefully we’ll get to try the normal mode soon, even though I wonder how well we’ll do then. Especially given the fact that the key bindings are extremely weird.