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March 19, 2023

After posting my very meh weeknotes last week I decided that this week shall be better and created a way for myself to write down little notes during the week that I just need to compile on the weekend and voilá, weeknotes.
This is how that file looks like today. Good effort, really. Congratulations.

So, anyway. Workwise it was a slightly annoying week. I started at a new project that I’m pretty optimistic about – and somehow never manage to get the proper flow together and everything is a quite a bit slower than I expected it to be, which is a bit of a bummer. Fingers crossed things will be smoother next week – at some point I was so annoyed that I just blocked big chunks of the workday in my calendar for next week, so maybe that will help.

On Monday Teymur and me decided to give Sons of the Forest another go, this time with a slightly higher difficulty setting and even though it still wasn’t all that hard, it was quite a different experience. I’m still a bit confused at what this game actually wants to be – do we mostly build fancy housing? Or do we follow the story? I’m still not 100% sure.
Staying with the games – later in the week, Martin, Ben, Teymur and me decided to play GeoGuessr and maybe it’s better to not talk about the results.

After I was told that the current season of Australian Survivor is pretty good I somehow ended up in a situation where most of my media diet is Australian – Survivor and Taskmaster are both rather enjoyable and neatly take up most of my watching time.

So that’s that – today I was visiting the Zoo with my nephews and now I’m here, typing away. All in all not a bad week.