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March 26, 2023

Time flies, huh? Another week over just like that.
Pretty much the same as the week before, so far I managed to avoid going totally overboard at work.
On Thursday I “went” to the online wpengine conference – I mostly realized that I’m just not very excited by WordPress anymore. The talks were okay, even if they were mostly wpengine commercials, and yet in the end I mostly shrugged. And I might have just fallen asleep during the mostly content-free “fireside chat” in the end. Oh well.

The weekend has been taken over by the Diablo 4 beta – I’m afraid to say: this is a fun game. I’ve never quite gotten into the earlier versions but this one is amusing. I might just have to get the full version when it is available.

I tried to teach myself the Background Synchronization API and the Web Periodic Background Synchronization API and I’m not sure if I truly understand how it works. My test code looks fine but so far I didn’t get the ServiceWorker to actually do something. Oh well.