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April 2, 2023

To be honest: I’ll be the first to congratulate myself on the smart idea to force my friends (and by proxy myself) to write these weekly posts. When I get the notification that one of them posted something on our little aggregator, I’m immediately off to read their posts and am subsequently more motivated to write my weeknotes as well.

So, what happened this week? Quite a lot and not so much. Monday started with a huge allergy attack – so much so that I kept my camera switched off during the meetings all day. I managed to walk past a big forsythia right when a gust of wind blew all its pollen into the air. Ugh. (Even worse: I told this story all week long and calling the shrub hyacinth instead of forsythia. I don’t know how I can recover from that.)

Talking about gusts of wind – for some dumb reason Ben, Martin and me started to play SailNavSim which already gave me multiple anxiety attacks two years ago and now it’s even worse – instead of sailing against internet randos, I have a competition with friends. Great.

Work-wise I maneuvered myself into the position that I had to do a lot of dev-ops stuff, which is not really my main area of expertise. Luckily it is “only” an internal thing without any real data, so I’m not too nervous and I think everything works now, but oh boy.
There’s a reason we ask people who know what they’re doing when it is client work.

And yesterday I actually did some baking! Roughly every three to four years I suddenly decide that this might be something to try and usually the result is so bad that I remember why it isn’t one of my hobbies. This time it was a simple marble cake, which frankly should not be a problem. Turns out I absolutely miscalculated the amounts of ingredients I needed to actually fill my ludicrously capacious bag cake tin and instead of a nice marble cake the result was more of a marble pancake. Note to myself: next time double all the numbers.