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April 3, 2023

  • Plug my linkblog into the Fediverse
  • Write a blog post on why I might want to write my own Symfony router
  • Get more sleep
  • Finish my half-finished weather API abstraction library
  • Delete Tiktok
  • Listen to all the podcasts in my Overcast
  • Go out more and take more photos
  • Build the Lego sets that are still waiting for me in their boxes. I promise, I’m not a box weirdo!
  • Give this blog a working theme. And/or switch away from WordPress
  • Write a crime novel
  • Prepare a roast
  • Run off into the forest
  • Add a lifestream to my website (Remember those?)
  • Put new batteries into my AirTags
  • Write my own ActivityPub server
  • Sign up for the apps again
  • Cancel all those “funny” domain names that I’ll never use anyway
  • Read more
  • Have a glass of water



@lostfocus I feel like that all the time, and I think having a glass of water could be the first item, then you could check off one of the items on your list. Having just had a massive domain purge myself, I think that could be number two, both to cut costs, but also to check off another rather easily. Then maybe a pause, then another item, and so on. I should really take this advice myself… 😰


@odd thanks 😄 It wasn’t really a “This is now in the moment” kind of post. Now in the moment I then decided to do the last two things – have some water and read a book.


@lostfocus Oh, haha, I see! 😅


@lostfocus I love this. It is kind of writing thoughts with the garage door open.