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April 10, 2023

That’s the thing about long weekends – when the Monday is a Sunday you’ll get the weeknotes on a Monday. And the notes will include the Monday, because no way I’ll remember to mention today in next weekend’s notes.

One thing I was looking at this week is what to do with this website. WordPress is more and more not what I want, especially when core and plugin updates break stuff. But I’m not quite sure what to do and where to go – no matter what I do, migrating 20+ years of content to another thing is a daunting task. Ugh.

The Easter weekend was very family-oriented. I’ve seen my parent, sisters, nieces and nephews on multiple occasions, including a “hike” today, so that was nice. A note to people designing kid’s playgrounds, though: why not put a couple of loungers for the grown-ups next to them? Sure, there were benches but I could have easily taking a nice nap in the mountain sun. (Well, no. Probably not. But in theory it would have been a nice idea.)