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April 16, 2023

Sunday evening in Düsseldorf, after having Tantan Men at Takumi (the Tantan one, the first one had an absurdly long queue and while I do like the Takumi ramen, I really don’t like them enough to queue for an hour for them. What the hell. Back in my days it wasn’t like this.) and now chilling in the hotel lobby with Martin. We’re in town for the beyond tellerrand conference – with a whole bunch of coworkers who are all living close enough to not have to take the hotel.
I personally love the fact that I am staying in a hotel. Especially one of those slightly soulless chain business hotels – every time I remember this tumblr post:

I really enjoy just existing in hotels. The long identical hallways. The soulless abstract art. The weird noises the air-conditioner makes. Strange city lights in the window. Six stories off the ground. Strangers chatting in the hall. Nothing in the dresser. No past, but an infinite present.

No past, but an infinite present.

So, what else happened this week? Not much, to be honest. Workwise it was nice – I quite like working on the current project, so that’s nice. And when I’m required in other projects, I’m usually just there to smile, nod and add my expertise in the end.
Twitter is finally gone from my last little grasp, too – I used to read a bunch of people through NetNewsWire and now that’s over, too. It’s sad, in many ways. But it has been for a while now and I guess I’m finally able to let go.

Annoyingly enough I discovered Warno for myself this week. I’m usually not much of a fan of these kinds of “realistic” war games but this one scratches the itch that I had ever since the last computer died that allowed me to play C&C Generals. It works scarily well with my brain – each round is about the length of time that I’m willing to invest and the (easy, lol) AI is just enough of a challenge that I get a sense of achievement when I win. So there’s that. I guess that explains where my time goes. Oh no.