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April 23, 2023

Back once again for the weeknotes post. Hi!

Dear reader, this was a fun week. beyond Tellerrand was interesting, hanging out with coworkers in a new-ish context was great, the food in Düsseldorf was as good as expected and all in all those were two good days, capped on Tuesday by a great dinner with Alex and Teymur.

I got up pretty early on Tuesday morning and walked around Düsseldorf for a while, especially in the area where I used to stay and Königsallee and it was interesting to see changes since I moved away. I do admit that I was quite surprised how much I missed the place. Maybe it was just the early morning but walking around there sure put me in a wistful melancholy.

Wednesday and Thursday flew by – I stayed in Cologne to go to the office and faster than I could understand I was back home. Friday and Saturday were nothing to write home about.
And today it was a family trip again – those things tend to happen in spring and this time we went to the Préhisto-Parc in the Jura (of Jurassic fame) mountain rage. It’s a cute little place to visit, we mostly picked it for the children but in the end they were more interested in running around while we grown-ups enjoyed the dinosaurs.