(I know this is just one photo, sorry. But bear with me, things should get better around here, soon.)




Roomba and flowers.


I started the silly #100happydays challenge this week.


Best Way To Gain New Followers! You Won’t Believe The Secret!

Tweet interesting stuff. Be an interesting person. Stop giving a shit. Why would you want to gain more followers? Gain some weight! Have a cake! Or two! And a bratwurst!

Das wohl dümmste TV-Format

Ich bin ja der festen Ansicht, daß Jan Böhmermann einer der Guten im deutschen Fernsehen ist.

I have a ham radio.

What’s that bright thing in the sky?


I don’t remember seeing that a lot lately.

Now this is disappointing.

The world did not end.

Current status.

boulevard of broken dreams | joe low photos by potatoe


A few weeks ago, just before it was made available on the German Amazon store, I ordered a Kindle. The 3G model. Even though the 3G doesn’t work over here, as I only learned after buying it.

I’m not too sure anymore what finally made me do it – it was probably this article by Jeremy Keith – but either way, I have just one thing to say about the Kindle:

I like it.