Museum of Me

Intel built this rather pretty visualization of Facebook Data: Museum of Me. I enjoyed having me ego stroked by a virtual fly-through of a museum exhibition of myself.

Best “What are people saying about…” so far.


Lately I have been listening a lot to all kinds of electronic music. My main sources to find new stuff are Daily Beatz, DJ Cee, Mad Decent and Generation Bass. During the day I often listen to Soundpond, a DJ web radio station in Australia.

Why did you do this silly thing?

Because life itself is fundamentally silly. We’re born. We eat, sleep, reproduce. And then we die. We’re each an eyeblink even in human history, let alone the history of the universe. There’s not a lot of point to any of it; life has no innate meaning or purpose, save that which we impose upon it. So the worst thing you can do is take it too seriously

Chris Worth on why he did his Fallout New Vegas tour and my new answer to everything.

The Banality of Evildoers

Though it was initially called a mansion, Osama Bin Laden’s safe house décor might better be described as Meth Lab Chic. (Not that I’m all that familiar with meth lab interiors, natch.) Rather than a set from 24, it’s more the kind of place only Vibe magazine would choose for a shoot, no pun intended.

His particleboard furniture looks like it was salvaged from a rural roadside free pile; a power strip is bolted arbitrarily to the wall; wires are strung higgledy-piggledy as if by an adolescent hobbyist; and this former heir to a multimillion Saudi fortune gets relegated to watching standard def video on a TV you couldn’t get $5 for on Craigslist. It seems only a matter of time before we’re told they found porn on his computer.

The Banality of Evildoers [via]


Follow my blog with bloglovin

Looks like a feed reader for people who don’t understand feed readers. It seems to be really big with fashion blogs.

Time Management

Buying domain names

I think I was drunk at the time, and buying domain names is just something I do when I’m drunk.

Streeter Seidell

The internet is over

It was the end of day two of South by Southwest Interactive, the world’s highest-profile gathering of geeks and the venture capitalists who love them, and I’d been pursuing a policy of asking those I met, perhaps a little too aggressively, what it was exactly that they did. What is “user experience”, really? What the hell is “the gamification of healthcare”? Or “geofencing”? Or “design thinking”? Or “open source government”? What is “content strategy”? No, I mean, like, specifically?

Oliver Burkeman: SXSW 2011: The internet is over

Pixelated Cameras

Shanghai Pixels

A pixel-perfect Sim City-like map of Shanghai’s center. [via]

Funnily enough it almost covers the same area as this photo:

Shanghai, China


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Just a few moments ago I declared Dominik1 to be the most disturbing Dominik in our office building for apparently importing an Otohime. Now I just realized – it would be the perfect solution to this problem.

  1. the other one. It’s confusing. []