But if nothing else, it promises to be awfully entertaining.

I usually resent having to link to TechCrunch but this is spot on: This Industry Is Completely Ridiculous. Let’s Hope It Stays That Way.

Inside the High-Stakes Battle to Control How You Talk to Friends

But as we move further into the mobile age, it’s clear that Facebook is on the defen­sive. The problem isn’t with the Facebook mobile app per se, which is ele­gantly executed and does a fine job of recreating the web experience on a phone or tablet. Rather, the problem is that people don’t want a web-style social network on their mobile devices. They want a simpler, faster, less public, and more intimate way to share with only close friends, the ones they care about the most. They want to swap pictures. They want to say, “I’m here.” They want pieces of Facebook, but not the entire package at once.

From: Wired Top Stories

Responsive UI with Luminosity Level

Once this works everywhere, the web is going to go completely nuts.

Die Kränkung

mit der 4ten kränkung irrt er sich deshalb aber. (es gibt aber eine andere 4te grosse kränkung der menschheit, die ist aber nicht digital sondern sozial, und zwar die erkenntnis, dass wir bei all der gegebenen vernetztheit mit allen anderen unterm strich dennoch alleine sind (das bitte nicht missverstehen, ich will nicht darauf hinaus, dass es keine digital vermittelten echte freundschaften oder kein gemeinsames handeln geben kann etc.))

live.hackr : Die Kränkung über den FAZ-Text von Sascha Lobo


[A] tool for the casual RSS user. Looks useful for casual users or feeds with status updates. [via]

Wow this is doge

The Verge’s Kyle Chayla tracked down the real-life dog from the Doge meme! [via]

About the tech backlash

Dave Winer on the current tech backlash.

wow amaze such blog

The (other) Web we lost

In the aftermath of the Browser Wars, the W3C and developer groups like the Web Standards Project worked long and hard to rebuild a unified, un-fragmented Web. But these last few years, we developers have gone and re-fragmented it all over again all by ourselves. Maybe we should think about what we are losing, before we lose this Web for good.

John Allsopp

(I actually did not read it, yet. I’m using my blog as a read-later service. Ahem)


This is awesome: geojson.io. [via]

Why Google Reader got shut down.

But the major factor is a bit simpler: No one wanted to devote the time and energy necessary to keep the project alive because it wasn’t going to get them anywhere with Page.

Google Reader Died Because No One Would Run It [via]

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Rev Dan Catt: ‘Kitten kitten kitten kittens’, Medium & TED(x) and RSSing since 2003.

I actually have write-access on Medium but no clue what to write.

Hell, I have write-access to my own blog(s, haha. ha.) and no clue what to write.


Five years ago. Did we get any better at this?

“Well, fuck them, and fuck that.”

Lockdown – Marco Arment on the Readercalypse

Battle for the planet of the APIs

If those services don’t trust me enough to give me an RSS feed, why should I trust them with my data?

Battle for the planet of the APIs