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I really like the idea behind nownownow.com and this is my take on it.

Time flies, huh? Another week over just like that.
Pretty much the same as the week before, so far I managed to avoid going totally overboard at work.
On Thursday I “went” to the online wpengine conference – I mostly realized that I’m just not very excited by WordPress anymore. The talks were okay, even if they were mostly wpengine commercials, and yet in the end I mostly shrugged. And I might have just fallen asleep during the mostly content-free “fireside chat” in the end. Oh well.

The weekend has been taken over by the Diablo 4 beta – I’m afraid to say: this is a fun game. I’ve never quite gotten into the earlier versions but this one is amusing. I might just have to get the full version when it is available.

I tried to teach myself the Background Synchronization API and the Web Periodic Background Synchronization API and I’m not sure if I truly understand how it works. My test code looks fine but so far I didn’t get the ServiceWorker to actually do something. Oh well.

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