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I really like the idea behind nownownow.com and this is my take on it.

I know it is Monday. But it is also a public holiday 🙏🏻 so guess what? That’s still the weekend.

The working part of the week was pretty uneventful, so there’s not much to be said.

On Saturday we had a family trip to Staufen, a lovely little town nearby which you might know from this Tom Scott video for some not so love little reasons. We do have quite a lot of family history there, so during the tour we basically had two guides – the official one who told us about the town’s history all the way from the middle ages and then my dad who told us about the shenanigans my family got up to in the town back in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Yesterday I finally managed to get Passkeys working on the weeknotes website. It’s still a bit wonky, so I guess I’ll have to dig a bit deeper until I can run around telling people I know how to properly implement it. I guess like all of those things it will feel very obvious once I do understand how everything fits together but for now, I’m still a bit confused.

This morning my alarm went of – I forgot to switch it off for the public holiday. And instead of being grumpy about it in bed, I decided to be grumpy about it in the forest.

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