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I really like the idea behind nownownow.com and this is my take on it.

I'm currently in Loerrach, Germany.

The last track I listened to was Pineapple Kryptonite by ATARASHII GAKKO!.

The last thing I watched was Taskmaster S12E05: Croissants Is Croissants.


  • Matthias Pfefferle

Technically week 13 is over, but today is a public holiday, so that still counts as the weekend, right?

  • I mostly think of things to add to my weeknotes once I am done with them. I guess I should give myself some structure like Roy Tang does with his weeknotes.
  • It is really peculiar that people want to catch up these days. What is there to catch up with? We all do the same – sit at home, work, wait for the pandemic to be over, right? Oh, you don’t? You go out and meet people and have adventures with them that you want to talk about? jfc, just wait a few months until we’re all vaccinated and these things can be done safely. (See also: “What are you plans for the weekend?”)
  • Talking about vaccines: what a shit show. With the current chaos it will probably be July or August until I can get a shot.
  • Other health-related news: hay fever! And: stupidity. Because instead of doing what a normal person would do when the eyes get runny and itchy and put in some eye drops, I rub them. So now I look like a zombie that really hit a bong before being bitten and turned. A great look for video calls, let me tell you. In my ongoing battle against my own stupidity I now wear sunglasses at night at home to add a physical barrier between my eyes and my hands.

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