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Mixtape of the Lost Decade – Boing Boing
This is so beautiful.
Eye blog » Pan Am’s Helvetica dreamtime. How I unearthed a forgotten chapter in corporate design history
Listen: Massive Attack and Burial Collaborate: "4 Walls" | News | Pitchfork
The Wub Machine
@yasmina sounds like someone just put random beeps into the wubmachine…
You’re going to love or hate Nokia’s new dubstep ringtone
RT @yasmina: Ugh, proof that everything shouldn't be crowdsourced – "Love or hate Nokia's new dubstep ringtone"

Vintage Ad Browser

Vintage Ad Browser

Nice – 100000+ vintage advertisements from the 1840s to the 2000s, neatly tagged and organized.

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The Dirty Web

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