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Syrian lesbian blogger is revealed conclusively to be a married man | World news | The Guardian
@kyels yeah, what an ass. That last sentence made me so angry.
Nissan LEAF CARWINGS tells any RSS feed provider your current position, speed, direction, destination, etc. « Casey Halverson
Well, the Nissan LEAF is ugly as fuck, but now I kind of want one:
Infovore » Where’s @towerbridge?
I can't wait until some famous Dominik finally gets access to my account here on twitter:
On The Network
"For crying out loud, use your head, not just your mouth."
On The Network Manifesto
Derek Powazek is thinking about starting a podcast or something called “On The Network” to counter all the idiocy he hears in traditional media about the internet.

The Psychology of Text Relationships

The Psychology of Text Relationships

This is relevant to my interests.

Leroy Stick – the man behind @BPGlobalPR

A real person, a lot like you →

A real person, a lot like you

That's the one reason why I like the internet. All the technology in the world, all the APIs and whatnot – in the end, it's about people. And the people are right there, behind their little screens, living their lives, having their hopes and dreams.

Social tips for geeks

Social tips for geeks

Oh, okay. (Pt. 2)

Geek behaviors present during conversations


I love living in a world in which the transmission of ideas via a massive, multi-billion dollar network of terrestrial and space-based wires, transmitting stations, and satellites can be described as “banal”.

Pope Guilty Irgendwie, ja.