Twenty Awesome Covers From The US Space Program

Twenty Awesome Covers From The US Space Program

The upcoming 2013 April 18 Space Exploration Signature Auction by Heritage Auctions brought us these fine document covers. Manuals, guidebooks, press kits, reports, brochures – all with cool artworks and typography. Enjoy!


The New Aesthetic

I somehow missed this the first time it came around, so here are just a couple of links. Fascinating stuff.

Neues Autodesign: Das Leben, vom Tode her gedacht

Die neuen Autos sind anders. Sie werden, wie vieles zur Zeit, vom Tod her gedacht: Nicht vom möglichen Glück kündet ihre Formensprache, sondern von der Gefahr des Unfalls, des Scheiterns, vom worst case scenario. Der Mini Roadster soll Spaß machen, ja, aber für den Fall, dass er sich überschlägt, hat er zwei verchromte Überrollbügel in Habachtstellung hinter den Kopfstützen stehen; absurde, ständig präsente Skulpturen der Angst. Chromglänzende Mahnungen: Ich mag das Offene, das Abenteuer, sagt das angsthöckerbewehrte Cabrio. Aber nur, solange ich mir keine blutige Nase hole.

Via Neues Autodesign: Das Leben, vom Tode her gedacht, in dem es nur vordergründig um das Automobildesign geht.

Bookmarks for December 20th

Bookmarks for December 9th

The new, new Twitter: 10 big takeaways – SplatF
"one of Twitter’s strengths has always been its willingness to design for its mainstream users at the expense of its geek users"
ray’s song ::
@sebastiankeil das Video, das Du suchst, sollte sowieso nicht auf YouTube sein.
I'll just stand here and play with the Pantone thing until I get fed.
Once Upon – today and tomorrow
“Once Upon” are three important contemporary web sites, recreated with technology and spirit of late 1997, according to the memories of Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied. They created a 1997 version of Google+, YouTube and facebook, all optimized for Netscape Navigator 4.03, running under Windows 95. Of course you can view them with a browser that still supports HTML Frames. I really love this little detail: the transfer speed of the server is limited to 8 kB/s («dial-up» speed).
Rogue Amoeba | Quality Audio Software for Mac OS X

Bookmarks for November 18th through November 20th

Bookmarks for November 7th

CodeKit — THE Mac App For Web Developers
Germans – how do they work?! – Imgur
RT @codepo8: Germans, how do they work? via @dotmariusz and /b/
geometry – Is this Batman equation for real? – Mathematics – Stack Exchange
RT @fholzhauer: Ich weiss nicht, was mich mehr beeindruckt – die Funktion, oder die Kurvendiskussion darunter.
@pmoehring |
Flickr: Photos of Dominik Schwind
@fholzhauer knock yourself out.
Responsive Web Design in Sass Part 1: Fluid Layouts and Fluid Images – Intermediate

Bookmarks for November 3rd

Untitled (
I wonder if @yasmina knew that: #90210
KATY PERRY "Hot’n’cold" Ukrainian Polka band
– YouTube
Hot'n'cold. /via @simonw
Third place – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
RT @GreatDismal: Have always assumed Starbucks sells / is based on this, not coffee:
And it obviously works, too.
Vienna RSS | The Free and Open Source RSS/Atom Reader for Mac OS X
@beckyclai it's not like Flipboard but more traditional, but I'm tryingg Vienna and at the moment.
Netvibes – Dashboard Everything
@beckyclai it's not like Flipboard but more traditional, but I'm tryingg Vienna and at the moment.
Jian Sword Dancing
– YouTube
This video wins so much thanks to the grandma and the dog:
What Should I Look For In a UI Typeface? | designbyIZO
BBC News – Bond film called Skyfall
Why the Mac App Sandbox makes me sad | Naming Things
RT @newsycombinator: Why the Mac App Sandbox makes me sad

Bookmarks for October 10th through October 11th

Mixtape of the Lost Decade – Boing Boing
This is so beautiful.
Eye blog » Pan Am’s Helvetica dreamtime. How I unearthed a forgotten chapter in corporate design history
Listen: Massive Attack and Burial Collaborate: "4 Walls" | News | Pitchfork
The Wub Machine
@yasmina sounds like someone just put random beeps into the wubmachine…
You’re going to love or hate Nokia’s new dubstep ringtone
RT @yasmina: Ugh, proof that everything shouldn't be crowdsourced – "Love or hate Nokia's new dubstep ringtone"

Bookmarks for October 10th

Индийский Брейк/Indian Break Dance 1987
– YouTube
OMG, I love it. Breakdance!
Ich Bin Ein Berliner – Pan Am | Miso
We are all having a crush on Karine Vanasse, right? (watching Pan Am, Ich Bin Ein Berliner S01E03)
the-discworld-reading-order-guide-20.jpg (1000×1795)
Incredibly Useful CSS Snippets | webexpedition18
The Search for a More Perfect Kilogram
This state of affairs is intolerable to the guardians of weights and measures.
iPhone Mage Gauntlet Recalls Golden Age of 16-Bit
“The idea is that we could eventually make our dream game, even though we had zero industry experience or training at the time. We’re getting there.”

Bookmarks for September 20th through September 22nd

Transport Tycoon – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
@hackr TTD?
Lahmacun | Flickr – Photo Sharing!
Audacity: Free Audio Editor and Recorder
@laurakalbag there used to be one built in… not too sure how it is these days anymore. Audacity works on Windows, too:
My Superpower Is Being Alone Forever | The Awl
A List Apart: Articles: Banishing Your Inner Critic
U.S. Alleges Full Tilt Poker Was Ponzi Scheme
sir @dominik of the social media clan on Twitpic
HOLY SHIT I'm sexy!!!!111 RT @jmtosses sir @dominik of the social media clan

Bookmarks for September 17th through September 19th

Meet the Qwikster mascot! – mlkshk
RT @Mike_FTW: Meet the Qwikster mascot! via @essl
Emotional Bag Check
Oh, wow: Emotional Bag Check.
Bootstrap, from Twitter
Alexander Lebedev in Russian TV punch-up | Media |
Lunch |
YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.
I am not quite sure what her name is… maybe she can repeat it again?

Bookmarks for September 13th through September 14th

Untitled (
Trello looks interesting to organize things for groups.
Ousted TechCrunch Editor Has Personal Security Guards
"The question, of course, is whether they're there to protect Arrington from AOL, or to protect AOL from Arrington"
– YouTube
RT @johl: All the mares and colts of the world will look up and shout save us…and I'll whisper back…no.
Monkeymaster Newmedia and Other Thai Facebook Names
Progressively Enhancing HTML5 Forms | CSS-Tricks