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Flickr: Nightmares Fear Factory’s Photostream
I can't stop looking through this flickr stream:
Put This On • Twenty-Five Pieces of Basic Sartorial Knowledge So You Don’t Look Dumb
Apple – iPhone 4S – Hear your favorite music everywhere you go.
RT @thelancearthur: There is no iPod app on iOS 5
t.co / Twitter
RT @jongold: Skeuomorphism is the worst when it doesn’t make sense. Where is this being stitched onto? A moving map? Really? …
If HTML5 Kills the Blog Format, I Won’t Shed a Tear
You guys are smart, right? Can anyone explain to me what @SMFulton3 is trying to say here?

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Hurricane Irene – Alan Taylor – In Focus – The Atlantic
Alternative title: "Fucking press photographer, get out of the way."
Kia Soul Hamster Commercial [HD]: Share Some Soul 2012
– YouTube
Fucking Shuffling Hamsters.
Videos mentioned by LostFocus
– YouTube
Untitled (http://lists.canonical.org/pipermail/kragen-tol/2011-August/000938.html)
RT @ioerror: This is one of the best things I've ever read by @kragen on "Why I do not want to work at Google" -
Ha Ha Ha Ha
– YouTube
Untitled (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_iBAEdlB5QhE/TT10InA6vFI/AAAAAAAAFrY/tpPRJOkTlYM/s400/5128.jpg)
Is it just me or does David Guetta look an awful lot like Otto Waalkes?
Untitled (http://www.deejaycee.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/David-Guetta1.jpg)
Is it just me or does David Guetta look an awful lot like Otto Waalkes?
Dodgson, We’ve Got Dodgson Here! (Remix)
– YouTube
Dodgson! We've got Dodgson here!
Повседневные хроники агента Ли

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Poppy Dinsey: From fashion blogger to startup founder
I wonder if this can happen to as well… #fashion #blogging #startup #entrepreneur #omg #hihi
Fashion Agnostics Unite
I wonder if this can happen to as well… #fashion #blogging #startup #entrepreneur #omg #hihi
Chinese Reactions to Government’s Handling of Wenzhou Train Accident – chinaSMACK
"4. Don’t investigate the cause of the accident, use information issued by authoritative departments"
live.hackr : Search+
"seo-technisch hat google […] noch einiges zu lernen"
Gil Scott-Heron – Me And The Devil | Listen to Free Music Online | dominik – Blip.fm
listening to "Gil Scott-Heron – Me And The Devil" ♫

Random bits

I approve of the current winter fashion trend that many women follow here: woolen thighs, knit dresses, heavy winter coats and boots.
Bonus points for big, woolen hats.
Minus points for Uggs, though.

The seats in the metro are entirely not wide enough for the locals, not to say anything about my fat ass. So most of the time I stand. Or enjoy getting grumpy stares from random strangers.

Crossing the street here is like a game of Frogger. Only that the evil things take direct aim and you only have one life.1

People from outside Shanghai don’t really like the Shanghainese – and it’s not hard to see, why. Maybe I’m getting it wrong, but their tone and body language alone makes them seem pretty rude and mostly concerned about getting faster to where they want to go.

I should have gotten a stylish man-purse. Well, not a satchel, but some kind of messenger/camera bag. Just carrying the camera around like that is a bit of a hassle, which is why I often just leave it at the hotel room.
Talking about cameras – the little Casio sucks at night. In the medium term I’ll have to get some high-quality compact camera for trips. Someone had a S90 the other day and the quality of her photos were pretty good – even at night without flash.

  1. And I once thought, crossing the street in KL was bad. []

Voyons Voir

New in my feedreader: Voyons Voir who seems to be collecting fashion photography spreads both old and new. Check out this amazing Bubble Series by Melvin Sokolsky. [via]

Put This On

Put This On

"A web series about dressing like a grown-up." It's about time, I guess.

How Lady Gaga Became the World’s Biggest Pop Star

Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld

Almost every interview I have read or seen with him is pretty much awesome.

Alexander McQueen commits suicide

Alexander McQueen commits suicide

Rest in peace, weird British fashion designer dude.

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Fashion shoot

Yesterday Wendy took me with her to one of her fashion shoots, even though she was a bit reluctant about it.

And what a jolly good time I had there. Seriously, I had a hard time not to laugh all the time – the studio was so according to any stereotype with all the white things, all the equipment and of course the hipster dance music blaring loudly all the time. Not to forget the posters of certain “important” events on the walls of the small dressing/makeup room.

The model, a young woman from Slovakia, was actually quite cute – surprisingly less in her looks than in her way to speak and act. Around her about eight to ten persons were prancing around, everybody with the air of importance and apart from the photographer, the makeup person and the stylist, without any hint of usefulness.

A real treat and oh so funny. Except for the poor model, who had parts of the jewellery taped to her skin and must have been in terrible agony, when they removed that.