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The intrinsic reward for knifing dudes is knifing dudes.

Achievements Considered Harmful? is a rather interesting article1 by the independent game developer Chris Hecker. It’s in a way a more in-depth analysis of the point made in those “If Mario Was Designed Todayscreenshots – good games don’t need extrinsic motivators like achievements or badges.

  1. Actually an outline for a talk, but I didn’t get to watch the video, yet, so in my reality, it’s an article. []

5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying to Get You Addicted

Coelacanth: Lessons from Doom

Coelacanth: Lessons from Doom

A look at the not so obvious and often over-looked things that made Doom so fascinating and fun.

"Mass Affect" – BioWare’s Upcoming Hipster RPG

"Mass Affect" – BioWare’s Upcoming Hipster RPG

Awesome, I wish this were real and available for the Mac.

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World of Agrarcraft

Da musste ich doch lachen: Bauer startet Magazin für Online-Spieler
Die ganze Zeit Kühe hüten, da kann man schon auf so Ideen kommen.

Discworld und Diplom

Manchmal bin ich ja wirklich nicht so der hellste aller Köpfe. Aber was ich heute abend gemacht habe, war regelrecht dumm. Ich habe Discworld installiert und “wollte nur mal reinschauen.”


Jetzt ist kurz vor elf. Ganz toll.

Let us now praise insanely violent first-person-shooters.

Let us praise the joys of double-wielding a pair of Uzis with unlimited ammo; let us delight in the gorgeous fractal carnage of a rocket launcher as it slams into your target. Let us talk openly about how just totally awesome it is to grab a fully loaded railgun in Quake 4 and wade into a mass of gibbering Strogg aliens and kill and kill and kill again, until there are guts on, like, the ceiling.

Wired: The Glory of the Shooter

Computerspiele und wie sie von außen wahrgenommen werden

Will Wright zu den Gründen, warum Computerspieler oftmals missverstanden werden:

Society, however, notices only the negative. Most people on the far side of the generational divide – elders – look at games and see a list of ills (they’re violent, addictive, childish, worthless). Some of these labels may be deserved. But the positive aspects of gaming – creativity, community, self-esteem, problem-solving – are somehow less visible to nongamers.

I think part of this stems from the fact that watching someone play a game is a different experience than actually holding the controller and playing it yourself. Vastly different. Imagine that all you knew about movies was gleaned through observing the audience in a theater – but that you had never watched a film. You would conclude that movies induce lethargy and junk-food binges. That may be true, but you’re missing the big picture.

Mehr dazu in Wired, via BoingBoing.