Vanity Fair’s portrait of Marissa Mayer

As one of Google’s highest-ranking women, Marissa Mayer became a Silicon Valley superstar, but inside the search giant her dazzle sometimes wore thin, with colleagues rebelling against her imperious style. In the wake of Mayer’s jump to run the struggling Yahoo, Bethany McLean asks whether she will be its savior or its next big problem. A year and a half in, the results are mixed.

Google backslides on federated instant messaging, on purpose?

Google backslides on federated instant messaging, on purpose?

So, they not only fuck around with Reader, they also fuck around with Google Talk.

Yes, the two Google services I use the most.


Readercalypse Round-Up

Wie man eine Google Penalty erkennt und wie man das Problem löst.

Wie man eine Google Penalty erkennt und wie man das Problem löst.

Von so SEO-Gedöns bekomme ich ja Pickel, aber wenn’s die Lara schreibt, hat es sicher Hand und Fuss.

Google’s Lost Social Network

Google’s Lost Social Network

The sad, sad story of what Google Reader used to be and how the most interesting feature got killed – much to everybody’s consternation. Including mine.

It’s alive!

Facebook is alive, it’s made of living things. Without those lives within the digital communications platform, there is no Facebook. On the other hand, Google is dead. Google operates on the traces left by living things, but not on the entities themselves. It’s the footprints in the sand that Google uses to predict the next set of footprints in the sand.

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About those Google Glasses

Ich kenn’ doch meine…

Googleheimer – Markus rantet und fasst die aktuellen Probleme mit/für Google zusammen.


Public spaces

Does it really need to be explained why all this is bad? The courts have spent centuries determining reasonable limits of free speech in public settings: we don’t need private corporations absorbing the public sphere, providing governments and themselves easy mechanisms to marginalize anyone unwilling or unable to play nice inside the walled gardens.

Rob Beschizza – Why we shouldn’t let Google (or anyone else) claim their private services are public spaces

Bookmarks for November 24th through November 26th

Bookmarks for October 31st through November 1st


They went ahead and did it. Bastards. I don’t know anybody who likes that change.

Are there any alternatives?

Google Reader

We haven’t quite seen yet what exactly is going to happen with the redesign of the Google Reader but that blogpost did not look good at all and people are rightfully unhappy about it. It sure looks like Google Reader has to pay the strategy tax and get rid of features in the hope to lure people to use Google+.
And yes, I am a bit worried. Google Reader is by a far margin my most used site on the web.