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"They are also very cute."
"Stop Tweeting Dumb Sh*t" And Other New Workplace Rules | Co. Design
"If it's really funny it's probably harassment."
@monicarize oh, thanks. |
@monicarize oh, thanks.
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Every developer should use lolcommits.
Daring Fireball: The iPhone 4S
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I'll so not be sleeping tonight. Got reading to do.

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Индийский Брейк/Indian Break Dance 1987
– YouTube
OMG, I love it. Breakdance!
Ich Bin Ein Berliner – Pan Am | Miso
We are all having a crush on Karine Vanasse, right? (watching Pan Am, Ich Bin Ein Berliner S01E03)
the-discworld-reading-order-guide-20.jpg (1000×1795)
Incredibly Useful CSS Snippets | webexpedition18
The Search for a More Perfect Kilogram
This state of affairs is intolerable to the guardians of weights and measures.
iPhone Mage Gauntlet Recalls Golden Age of 16-Bit
“The idea is that we could eventually make our dream game, even though we had zero industry experience or training at the time. We’re getting there.”


I don’t really need to say anything about the iPhone 4S launch yesterday – it has been said online in every way possible, anyway. Nothing else really needs to be said about it anymore.

That being said, there are two things that I want to say:

  1. I will order one on Friday. I’ve been using an old 3G one for quite a while, paralell to a Motorola Milestone which did not really make me happy. So yeah, I am looking forward to a faster, iOS5-able phone that should probably work for me for the next two to three years.
  2. I don’t get the whole disappointment vibe that’s going on. What did these people expect? The iPhone 4 is already the best smartphone out there, so the enhancements do make sense. It’s faster, has better battery life and a better camera and the iOS5 changes look pretty good, too.

Why are iPhone Polaroids so popular?

Why are iPhone Polaroids so popular?

"Why don’t you want a perfect, clear picture?"

Five rational arguments against Apple’s 3.3.1 policy

Five rational arguments against Apple’s 3.3.1 policy

"Lots of developers, me included, have had such a gut-turning reaction to Apple’s new policy that we have a hard time thinking and speaking rationally. The emotions take over and we start screaming “fascists!”, which isn’t very persuasive to non-developers who don’t have the same instinctual reaction. So instead, allow me to go through five (mostly) rational arguments for why this is a bad idea."

Twitter for iPhone

Twitter for iPhone

Twitter bought Tweetie and will be rebranding it as "Twitter for iPhone." Not too sure what I think about that. Also, I'm still waiting for a proper Tweetie 2 for the desktop which might now not happen as fast as I hoped.

Hipstamatic iPhone App – Equipment

Sleep Cycle

Since about two weeks ago I’ve been using the Sleep Cycle App on my phone to wake me up more gently.

The app is measuring the movements in my sleep through the accelerometer in the phone to calculate the right moment to wake me up – preferably at a time when I’m in a time of light sleep anyway. And while some clever scientists found (Spiegel Online in German) that the whole thing is not really working at advertised, I have been quite happy with it so far.

There were only two slight problems I encountered – for a while every time I was in a light sleep/dream phase, I couldn’t enjoy those because for some reason I was thinking that any moment now that stupid thing would wake me up. The other problem was a bit later in the night, just before getting up – I get up a bit and usually I’d turn around and sleep another half an hour or so. But now I’m too scared to make that stupid machine think that I’m in light sleep and start beeping and was just trying to lie there as still as possible until the normal wake-up time.
By now I’ve adjusted to it and unlike that article said – I’m pretty happy with it. I wake up at a good time1 and don’t feel too tired, too.

  1. Placebo effect or not, I don’t regret buying the app. []

I need to talk to you about computers.

I need to talk to you about computers.

Insightful essay about the history of computers in the light of the iPad.

Performance, Smoking and the Nexus One

These are my links for January 6th through January 8th:

  • Website Performance: What To Know and What You Can Do – Smashing Magazine – Website performance is a hugely important topic, so much so that the big companies of the Web are obsessed with it. For the Googles, Yahoos, Amazons and eBays, slow websites mean fewer users and less happy users and thus lost revenue and reputation.
  • Felicia Day » Blog Archive » Disappointment – [..] the fact that they were interested in doing a piece about Twitter and New Media gave me hope that a magazine firmly in the “establishment” was interested in exploring the subject in a new light. And then during breakfast I saw some weird Twitter comments go by…and then I read the article…and oh, gosh. Really?!
    I can’t tell you how many hours I had to resist rage Tweeting about this subject. The use of inane Twitter lingo like “Twilebrity”, “Tweeple” and “Twitformation Superhighway” (Oh God please stop) just signaled that the writer obviously wasn’t well-researched about the service, or the internet in general, really.
  • Learning to Smoke – It's not permitted. It pisses people off. It makes you puke. It confuses you, and it brings clarity. It makes you an outcast, and it helps you meet wonderful strangers. Lessons from a man who did the unthinkable.
  • How to say stupid things about social media – Criticising social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook is as pointless as knocking people who discuss the weather
  • A Few Thoughts on the Nexus One – O’Reilly Radar – There will be many posts focusing on the look, feel, and features of the Nexus One, so I'm going to focus on what Android's latest incarnation says about the competitive landscape – what I've elsewhere called the war for the web.

Styrofoam Androids and Cowbells at Home Depot

These are my links for January 5th from 11:10 to 23:01: