Latest Japanese Schoolgirl Trend: Fake Dragon Ball Attacks

Latest Japanese Schoolgirl Trend: Fake Dragon Ball Attacks

Very important update: The trend is spreading from schoolgirls to bikers!

Space Elevator!

Japanese Company To Build an Elevator From Earth to Space – I don’t even need to ride it, just knowing it exists will make me pretty happy.


I just watched this three times. [via]


Futuristic Circular Flying Object

I want one. [How it works, via]




This is probably the best thing, ever. Wired article. [via]

Today’s levitation

I don’t quite know what makes this photoblog of a floating Japanese woman (and occasionally her cat) so awesome. [via]


How awesome are these Mojibakeru – transformers between animals and the kanji of their name. [via]



\ (^ о ^) / – I so need one.

The “Potato Chip Hand” lets you eat chips, protects your fingers from getting greasy



This girl, 19-year old Asuka Morimoto, apologizes for eating all the steak at a family dinner.

A page full of apologizing Japanese girls. The mind boggles. [via]

Bookmarks for October 15th through October 16th

Pillow Fanciers

Love in 2-D, von Lisa Katayama, ist ganz schön speziell – ein Artikel über Japaner, die ihre Liebe in Kissen mit Anime-Drucken gefunden habe. Die Kommentare auf Metafilter haben auch ihren ganz speziellen Unterhaltungs- und Erhellungswert.

Asian Poses

OMG: Asian Poses – via MeFi, wo die Seite in den Kommentaren komplett auseinandergenommen wird.

Auto-Tune Japan