Hahaha. Hier in Malaysia verkaufen die vier großen Buchhändler den neuen Harry Potter nicht:

“There will be no Harry Potter books on the sales floor for walk-in customers,” said MPH Bookstores (M) Sdn Bhd chief operating officer Patricia Chen on behalf of the four booksellers.

Und warum?

In a bold move, they have withdrawn the seventh and final book in the series titled Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows from shelves in protest over the “indiscriminate” price discount offered by hypermarkets Tesco and Carrefour.
The hypermarkets are selling the books at RM69.90, which is RM40 cheaper than the recommended retail price of RM109.90.
The latest — and cheapest — price was only made known to the booksellers yesterday morning through advertisements in the newspapers and over the radio.