Taking the smug road

We’re all pretty much familiar with the story of Bindermichi’s account being accidentally deleted on Flickr after he complained about his photos being stolen and re-posted to another person’s account. We can all agree that this pretty much sucks and should not happen like this. I do feel sorry for the poor Flickr staff member who pressed the button – his/her life probably wasn’t very nice for some time after that happened1 and it seems like the Flickr staff worked hard and managed to restore the whole account again. Everything is peachy now, right?

Well, turns out, there is the CEO of some photo hosting service that could in some way be considered Flickr’s competition – Don MacAskill from SmugMug. Smugly enough he did write a rather smug blog post about this kind of thing on their official company blog. This is not unusual behaviour for Don, and it triggered former Flickr staff member Kevin Collins to write a blog post calling out Don MacAskill on the way he communicates about Flickr.

Now I don’t know Kevin or Don,2 but from how I experienced Flickr – especially how their staff reacted in stressful situations,3 and how certain vocal parts of the Flickr and web communities react to stories like that, I won’t make any secret about where my sympathies are. I do make a conscious effort to follow current and past Flickr people on Twitter and read their blogs, as very often they are rather insightful and smart. And I have no doubts whatsoever that in most cases, their decision regarding account and group deletions are and have been well-thought-out and reasonable.

And Don? Well… I guess if you have “Thomas Hawk” on your side, then there’s nothing much left to be said.

  1. Yeah, I do speak from experience… []
  2. I do know Mirco, though, but that’s besides the point. []
  3. And situations where I many many people were unhappy with them. []