Twitter geht nach Berlin, Chef kommt von

Wenn man sowieso schon der Überzeugung ist, daß das Internet vor die Hunde geht, dann ist dies ein weiterer Datenpunkt, um diese Theorie zu unterstützen. ᔥ@dreamseer

Ideas of March

Twitter is a fragile and fleeting place. Give your ideas and thoughts the permanent home they deserve.

Drew McLellan


bedenklich, wie wahrscheinlich es mittlerweile ist, dass ganze kulturen oder landstriche einfach ausgelöscht werden, weil die gründer die eigene position innerhalb ihres metaspiels gewinnen oder zumindest konsolidieren wollen

live.hackr: Twitterous

A Ship Adrift

A Ship Adrift is pretty awesome.

And yet – it’s itching me slightly to make my own ship bot. More than following that one. (Which of course I immediately did.) [via]


Bookmarks for December 15th

Bookmarks for December 9th

The new, new Twitter: 10 big takeaways – SplatF
"one of Twitter’s strengths has always been its willingness to design for its mainstream users at the expense of its geek users"
ray’s song ::
@sebastiankeil das Video, das Du suchst, sollte sowieso nicht auf YouTube sein.
I'll just stand here and play with the Pantone thing until I get fed.
Once Upon – today and tomorrow
“Once Upon” are three important contemporary web sites, recreated with technology and spirit of late 1997, according to the memories of Olia Lialina & Dragan Espenschied. They created a 1997 version of Google+, YouTube and facebook, all optimized for Netscape Navigator 4.03, running under Windows 95. Of course you can view them with a browser that still supports HTML Frames. I really love this little detail: the transfer speed of the server is limited to 8 kB/s («dial-up» speed).
Rogue Amoeba | Quality Audio Software for Mac OS X

Bookmarks for September 17th through September 19th

Meet the Qwikster mascot! – mlkshk
RT @Mike_FTW: Meet the Qwikster mascot! via @essl
Emotional Bag Check
Oh, wow: Emotional Bag Check.
Bootstrap, from Twitter
Alexander Lebedev in Russian TV punch-up | Media |
Lunch |
YouTube – Broadcast Yourself.
I am not quite sure what her name is… maybe she can repeat it again?

The manic, unbalanced voice

It was the manic, unbalanced voice of somebody on the verge of madness, trying to escape office life through the magic portal of Twitter. It was great.

Bobbie Johnson

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Simple sms-blogging.

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[this is aaronland] Things I Have Written Elsewhere #1305615600
Well yes but isn’t that a bit too soon? on Twitpic
RT @codepo8: Well yes but isn't that a bit too soon?

Okay, that was not supposed to be auto-published already. Eh, well.

Bookmarks for June 13th

Laravel – Clean & Classy PHP Web Development
A RESTful PHP framework. Looks interesting.
The loss of @towerbridge from a cultural point of view | Stef Lewandowski
Repressive Tolerance
The tax haven in the heart of Britain
I did not know that about the City of London
How Tower Bridge Changed My Relationship With Twitter
Andy Budd on how the Tower Bridge mash-up was one of the first of it's kind and inspiring in that way.

Bookmarks for June 12th through June 13th

Syrian lesbian blogger is revealed conclusively to be a married man | World news | The Guardian
@kyels yeah, what an ass. That last sentence made me so angry.
Nissan LEAF CARWINGS tells any RSS feed provider your current position, speed, direction, destination, etc. « Casey Halverson
Well, the Nissan LEAF is ugly as fuck, but now I kind of want one:
Infovore » Where’s @towerbridge?
I can't wait until some famous Dominik finally gets access to my account here on twitter:
On The Network
"For crying out loud, use your head, not just your mouth."
On The Network Manifesto
Derek Powazek is thinking about starting a podcast or something called “On The Network” to counter all the idiocy he hears in traditional media about the internet.


Just trying ThinkUp. It’s pretty awesome.